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Binary Plan Software is used in the Binary Plan Concept, which is the part of Multi-Level Marketing system. As this concept is designed for creating huge networks and earn profits but as our network grows, our working pressure and tasks also increase, handling these tasks manually is very difficult as there are higher chances of getting errors. So giving our networking plan a right way, this software is built for providing ease to our business. Multi-level software is introduced in the market for this purpose. As there are many plans under MLM. One of them is the Binary Plan. Let’s have a little introduction about this Binary plan.

In this plan, you are only allowed to hire two distributors under you. Each distributor is termed as your leg. That means you can hire two legs under you. One is your outside leg (i.e power leg) and the other is inside leg (i.e profit leg). And the two distributors that you recruit under you, they will also recruit 2-2 distributors under them. That means they will also have 2 legs in this system – power and profit leg. Again, this process can never end the more you recruit people, the more you can expand your chain. The more your chain will be expanded, the need for software will be increased.

Working Of Binary MLM Plan

Why Choose Multi Level Marketing Binary Plan

  • It maintains a track record of the total expenses and profits made by a business.
  • Brings transparency in every process and maintains an accurate data of downline’s income.
  • It manages the proper inventories for your business.
  • Maintain your data secure, binary software keeps a history of previous transactions also.
  • Multiple and secure payment options.
  • Provides proper payment statements so that every member has evidence of getting and providing payments.

Why Choose BILLION-X Infotech MLM Binary Plan

  • Provides 24*7 Online access
  • The user-friendly interface will be provided.
  • It manages the proper inventories for your business.
  • Cost-effective
  • All types of technical support will be provided to you in case of any problem or have any query.