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Customer Relationship Management. A full meaning is there in its name. customers are the life of any business. when we start up any company, our first motive is always to gain customers. After our long efforts, we finally get able to achieve customer’s attention. But what next? Is this the only task to do?There must be good bonding between you and your customers. Good Customer relationship is the key factor for business success.So now our responsibility must be retaining these customers by giving time to time calls, new updates, emails, SMS, etc. If we are having a huge customer database, we can't manage manually.

Here comes a CRM software role.What does CRM Software do?

You can maintain a record of your every customer. Just put the customer details and then you can make calls, create reports, send emails regarding marketing purpose or to notify about your services, schedule appointments and much more. So, in that way, it improves your customer relationships.

You will have a strong and secured data base of customers. Unlike traditional methods of maintaining records, you can have all the details regarding call logs, pipeline data, call tracking and appointments and everything in just one software unit. In that way, it is time-saving too because maintaining records in multiple sources can confuse you most of the time.

Functionalities of CRM

Lead Management
Marketing Automation
Sales Automation
Workflow Automation
robot Intelligence
Individualized Customer Experiences

Benefits of Selecting BILLION-X Infotech CRM Software

  • Makes better relationships with customers – by maintaining their data of calls, emails, appointments always remind you about their expectations and requirement.
  • Improves customer service – when your customer contact to your company regarding any query, your executive will easily able to know his past activities with your company with the help of CRM, that helps to make an instant solution for your customer easily without wasting the time of anyone.
  • Easy for multiple teams to view data – Every big company has huge and multiple teams. So it is easy to find and view the same information about the customer for multiple team members.
  • Better communication – Different members in the team have a single source of information, that brings consistency in your voice that every customer will feel.