Donation Plan

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Also known as Gift or Help plan. It is a simple concept to understand. One can earn income with less investment. It is all about helping other members in MLM team by sending money. It is like an incentive for the MLM members for those who need instant money. You can grow your business later through this strategy in a shorter time. This attractive business plan always keeps your Multi-Level Marketing members attached to you for long.

Our mission is to deliver cost-effective and worthful service that brings success to your business fastly. Donation Plan Software is like a mediator between the gift sender and receiver.

Proper management is required to run this concept. Here we need this Donation Plan Software which makes your business tasks easier to perform.

Working of Donation MLM Plan

Benefits of Selecting BILLION-X Infotech Donation MLM Plan

We are having numbers of MLM plans software with amazing features that make your work process easier and suites your MLM Business.

  • Maintains proper record of donation receipt.
  • E-wallet integration.
  • Can manage multiple accounts.
  • Manage your transactions.
  • Helpful in generating revenue.
  • Manages all important instructions to run a business smoothly.
  • Makes your tasks easy so that you can focus on other essential things.