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In the restaurant industry also, we need a technology through which we can handle all the inventories and transactions. Though we can do this on our own also but it can make hassle in the work. As your business grows, you will not be able to calculate these things manually. Here we require Restaurant Management Software, that helps us to bring accuracy in our day to day tasks.

An amazing feature of this software is the restaurant waiters can alert to their restaurant kitchen staff regarding the customer order before leaving customer’s table. In that way, it improves the speed of their service, which in result improves customer relation.

LBM Restaurant Management Software

Food item stock
Laundry billing
Room service management
Guest info management
Tables management
Food billing

Benefits of Using Restaurant Management Software:

  • Track the sales – its track and calculate all your business revenue like payments, total orders, special deals. So your sales data will be accurate.
  • It is good for your customer service, this software capture all the details of your customer like contact no, addresses or mail IDs. You can do email marketing as well to let your customers notified with your recent deals.
  • It has payment gateway integration through which customers can do online booking that makes your customers feel comfortable and easy while dealing with you. As everyone today wants an easy process of everything.